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  Mast systems

Transport systems


Pneumatic masts

  Will-Burt pneumatic non-locking masts
  • Maintains azimuth - minimal twist deflection reliable full-length external keyways
  • Operates in extreme environments - external wipers protect against sand and dust
  • Low maintenance and life-cycle costs easy to operate and maintain low friction synthetic bearings
  • Long life - black hardcoat protects against salt fog corrosion
    Will-Burt pneumatic locking masts
  • Two full-length external keys on mast sections with matching machined keyways on collars - maintains directional azimuth
  • Low friction synthetic bearings - protects mast sections and collars for smooth operation and long life
  • Mechanical locking collars - supports high guying forces
  • Black hardcoat and sealed aluminum surfaces - meets MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class II Extends life of mast and protects against salt fog corrosion
  • External Wipers - protects against sand and dust
  • Ruggedized Options - optional finishes and features for military applications
  Night Scan vertical
  • Extended height options from 5.2 m to 9.1 m
  • More lights at greater heights
  • Dual tilt remote control positioner - lights can be pointed in opposite directions
  • Operator can direct light where it is needed
  • Full function remote control controls all mast and light functions - hard-wired and wireless options
  • Quick deployment and retraction - Allows the operator to conduct other important actions at the rescue scene
  • Rugged light fixtures - up to 9000 watts of AC lighting and designed especially for emergency services
  • Look up safety light - illuminates the area above the light tower prior to see obstructions and power lines