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The CoMeT (Coupling Measuring Tube) system is developed, produced and sold by bedea in cooperation with Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik at Tittmoning, Germany. Its purpose is to evaluate the screening efficiency (transfer impedance, screening attenuation and coupling attentuation) of coaxial and balanced cables, connectors, feedthroughs and gaskets.



WinCoMeT is the control and evaluation software to complete the use of the CoMeT coupling measuring tube effectively. It simplifies measurements and allowes documentation and archiving.The combination with the WinCoMeT software allowes additionally the measurement of the transmission parameters such as attenuation, characteristic impedance, propagation velocity, crosstalk (NEXT and FEXT), return loss, reflection and dielectric constant.

The demo-version of the WinCoMet software (current version 2.89) is free to use, providing all functionalities exept printing, storing, or exporting of measuring results.

System requirements are listet in the documentation

CoMeT   WinCoMeT

Brochure CoMeT (english) (ca. 450 kB)

CoMeT-compact overview

CoMeT spare parts

Download demo-version (7.5MB)

Download documentation (english)