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CCTV & Audio Systems

  Analogue CCTV   The Proven Solution for Many Applications

Datasheet CAM3(pdf)

Datasheet CAM8(pdf)

-As we use only high quality components for cameras and lenses the well established analogue video still is the right solution for most applications.
-The control of the camera is done via the controller and the monitors are connected to the controller.
-For 10m chambers it is often suitable to have fixed and mobile camera and an audio transmission.

  Networked CCTV(TCP/IP)   Remote Access and Documentation

Datasheet CAM7(pdf)

-As most of the test sites are using a LAN, we also offer camera systems that are accessed and controlled via TCP/IP

In this case the camera or controller has an Ethernet interface that is connected to the LAN. If our video control SW is installed on a PC, You may access the camera via this SW from any location within the net work.

The Audivo video control SW allows you to view several cameras on a one screen. The access is can be limited to special defined users.
The IP access gives the tools to store screen shots for documentation on the local HDD of the PC.

  Controllers   Audio Video Controllers


Most of our cameras can operated remotely. The controllers allow to control the functions of the cameras:
-optionally iris
Multi Controllers
-If more than one camera is in use (e.g. one fixed and one mobile camera) multi controllers allow to control several cameras with one device.
-Up to six cameras can be connected to one multi controller. Each camera can be connected to a separate monitor each one monitor can show the selected camera.
  Accessories   The Things that Make the System Complete


For fully functioning system different accessories are needed.
We offer
-Pan/Tilts for remotely controlled movement of the camera
-Wall mounts
-Tripods for portable cameras
-Shielded power supplies and battery packs
-Head restraint adaptor for usage inside a vehicle
- and more…