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Recent firmware updates for our SPECTRAN series

You will find our latest firmware updates
on our developer page in the category
"firmware" or just under the "Downloads".

Please use our new firmware - Updater
for installing the new firmware on your
SPECTRAN. The updater automatically
checks your device and selects
the appropriate firmware for installation.
The included firmware versions and
the changelog of the respective firmware
can also be found in the updater.

Download Firmware Updater!
MCS Spectrum Analyzer Software  

Our latest MCS Real-Time Spectrum
Analyzer Software includes lots of great
features like:

  • Runs with any operation system like
    MAC OS, Linux and Windows
  • Real-Time remote control with any
    Spectran Spectrum Analyzer
  • Supports a unlimited number of
    Pre-Compliance limits displays like
    EN55011, EN55022 etc. incl. various
    separate limit curves and bar displays
  • Multi window support
  • Powerful Undo-Feature
  • Channel and provider display
  • Fully customizable skins and look
  • Report and record function
  • And more...
DOWNLOAD the latest version here!
You'd like to develop your own software?

You'd like to develop your own software for the SPECTRAN?
Then use our Programmers guide. This describes how SPECTRAN variables can be read or written, or how to retrieve measurement data from the device. 

If you have questions or suggestions for programming, please use our forum. Our developers will respond as soon as possible. Please note that we can't offer phone support in programming.

For the recent version of the Programmers Guide, please visit our Developer download page
Under the download category "Documents" you'll find it for download.

Spectrum Analyzer Technical Data & Flyer

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